About us

With more than thirty years of experience, CTS is a company specialized in the supply of products and services in the area of petrochemical storage tanks and in the control of fluids for all types of industries. CTS is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, supply and installation of products and systems for the effective transference and the safe storage of chemical products and hydrocarbons. We can assure you that CTS will honour all your company commitments and will accomplish every individual expectation.

Management and employees of CTS have a great experience in many types of projects related to this industry, for this reason, we are able to assist the client with any requirements in this area. Our engineers can offer an extensive technical assistance in the installation level as well as at the project engineering level.

CTS offers a wide variety of products for the storage tank industry. Our main products are:

• Aluminum Domes
• External and Internal Floating Roofs
• Tank Seals
• Drain Systems
• Fire Fighting Systems
• Loading Arms
• Composite Hoses
• Floating Suction Lines
• Spill Containment and Recovery Systems
• Industrial Supply, such as valves, gaskets and hoses


CTS has developed itself into a reputable company in the engineering, distribution and installation of products and systems for industrial applications. This by the operation of 7 individual offices around the world at the end of 2007. All these CTS offices are now also supporting their customers in the area of industrial supplies. As CTS has been developing its activities on a global scale, we are able to support our customers from offices close to their facilities.


We do realize that products supplied by us do need to meet the highest possible standards, in both reliability as well as durability. For this reason quality assurance is of vital importance and ensuring maximum quality not only by proper quality assurance programs and procedures, but also by both internal and independent third party product inspections.


Now CTS will be further developing the distribution of industrial components under the identity of Industrial supplies. Both the CTS’ management and staff as well as the products distributed by CTS have an extensive track record in this industry, and therefore we are well capable of selecting the best products for their purpose. A close cooperation with leading manufacturers together with a well balanced port folio of our own engineered and manufactured products results in a strong partner for any industrial product line within our range of supplies.

We invite you to take a look into our website and know more details about the range of products that CTS can offer.